Effective January 1, 2017, the monthly fee for new patients is their age (in years), with a minimum of $25/month and a maximum of $75/month.  (Established younger patients who joined the practice at a lower monthly rate will be “grandfathered in” and continue to enjoy their current deal.)

The fine print (well, the details, anyway):

Labs – there is no additional charge for my annual standard comprehensive panel of labs.  The labs that I order for you will be age- and condition-appropriate. If you need additional lab work above and beyond what it included in my standard panel, I’ll let you know how much the additional labs will cost you before I order them. (That said, your insurance will usually cover them–if you have it.  Even if not, most of the lab fees are at a negotiated discount and usually won’t cost you too much.)

Medications and supplies – there may be modest and reasonable charges (generally at or near my cost) for any medications administered and supplies used or dispensed in the office, particularly when such use is frequent or when my cost for such medications or supplies exceeds $10.

Copays – There are no copays for the first 2 office visits in a given calendar month. Subsequent visits during the same month will be charged $15 each.  Video visits are counted the same as office visits for copay purposes, but no fees or copays will apply to e-mails, texts, or telephone calls.

Initial exam fee for early termination– If you have a comprehensive exam and then subsequently choose to leave my practice within 6 months of joining, you will be charged an initial exam fee of $150 (or the balance of the payments due for the remainder of the 6 month period, whichever would be less).

Consultations are available for people who want one-time service (e.g. a second opinion) but don’t necessarily want to join my practice.  Give me a call and let me know what you need and we’ll work something out for a reasonable price.

House visits – Depending on distance, the fullness of my schedule, and mutual convenience, I may be willing to do occasional house calls for an additional charge ranging (in most cases) from $25-$75.

Prepayment policy
In order to keep costs as low as possible, I avoid billing as much as possible. Accordingly, all fees are charged in advance. To facilitate payment of monthly membership fees, incidental labs, and copays (as listed above), you should leave a major credit card on file or authorize automatic deduction from a checking account.