Meet and Greet Visits

No charge!  Come by for an extended “hello” visit before signing up and find out if the practice is a good fit for your needs.

Monthly Fee

Your flat monthly membership fee is your age (minimum $35/month, maximum $65/month).

Annual Discount

There is a 10% discount for prepaying for a year’s membership.


There is an initial enrollment fee of $125 for new patients.  (Additional family members may enroll at a $50 discount.) This fee pays for a comprehensive set of initial labs and also defrays some of the extra costs in time and effort I incur when treating new patients.

Medications and supplies

There may be modest and reasonable charges (generally at or near my cost) for any medications administered and supplies used or dispensed in the office, particularly when such use is frequent or when my cost for such medications or supplies exceeds $10.


There are no co-pays for the first 2 office visits in each calendar month. Subsequent visits during the same month will be charged $15 each.  Video visits are counted the same as office visits for co-pay purposes, but no fees or co-pays apply to e-mails, texts, or telephone calls.

House visits

If mutually convenient, house calls may be scheduled for an additional $75 charge.

Outside GYN care

Female patients who do not have a gynecologist who would prefer to receive their gynecologic care from another woman may request to have such care provided by an associate of mine in another practice. Fees for this service will be in the $30-$60 range (in addition to any lab costs).

Low Income Discounts

I think my fees are already a bargain for what you get, but please inquire if they seem too high for you and you are having trouble making ends meet– perhaps we can work something out.

Prepayment policy

In order to keep costs as low as possible, I avoid billing as much as possible. Accordingly, all fees are charged in advance. To facilitate payment of monthly membership fees, incidental labs, and co-pays as listed above, you should leave a major credit/debit card on file or (preferably) authorize automatic monthly deductions from a checking account.