Initial Consultations and “One-off” or Occasional Visits

My consultation fee for non-members is $180 for the first hour and $120 / hour for subsequent hours (*), not inclusive of lab chargesFor those interested in establishing a longer-term relationship and joining my practice as a regular patient, I generally suggest an initial 90 minute consultation ($240). If the chemistry seems like a good mutual fit, I will invite you to become a supporting member and have me as your regular provider.

Monthly membership fees

The monthly fees (*) for my regular patients (supporting members) are as follows:
$50 for those aged 18-50,
$55 for ages 51-55,
$60 for ages 56-60,
$65 for ages 61-65,
$70 for ages 66-70, and
$75 for ages 71 and up.

In addition to enjoying telephone and e-mail access to my services, supporting practice members generally do not need to pay consultation fees for up to 2 visits (office or video) per calendar month. I reserve the right to renegotiate arrangements for members needing more than 7 visits per calendar year and for patients whose care otherwise imposes an unusual burden for me or my staff.

(*) – I recognize that my prices may be more affordable for some people than others. If you’re struggling to make ends meet but have some larger health concerns that you think you might need someone like me to help you figure out, let me know and perhaps we can work something out. I want good-quality medical care to be accessible to those who need it.

Lab fees

I offer significant discounts on lab prices. The cost of my comprehensive enrollment screening lab panel is $103.29.

Annual Discount

There is a 10% discount for prepaying for a year’s membership.

Medications and supplies

I also sell a variety of generic prescription medications at steeply discounted prices. Hydroxocobalamin (a preferred/active form of Vitamin B-12) shots are available for $10 each. There may be modest and reasonable charges (generally at or near my cost) for other medications administered and supplies used or dispensed in the office.

House visits

If mutually convenient, house calls may be scheduled for an additional $75 charge.

Outside GYN care

I do provide basic well-woman care (including pap smears), but understand that many women feel more comfortable receiving such care from a female provider. Upon request I can generally arrange these types of visits with a female associate of mine for about $60-$75 (in addition to any lab costs incurred).

Prepayment policy

In order to keep costs as low as possible, I avoid billing as much as possible. Accordingly, all fees are charged in advance. To facilitate payment of monthly membership fees, incidental labs, and co-pays as listed above, you should leave a major credit/debit card on file or (preferably) authorize automatic monthly deductions from a checking account.