About Slower Medicine

About Slower Medicine



Slower Medicine, PLLC is a Direct Primary Care (DPC) micropractice. “Direct” refers to the fact that my financial relationship with my patients is a direct one — there’s no insurance company middleman adding unnecessary overhead, complexity, or cost. A “micropractice” is a medical practice that operates with minimal staffing.  My business has grown to the point where I need a part-time assistant, but otherwise I’m the only one in the office. Minimal staffing allows me to keep my overhead costs as low as possible and offer you better value for your money.

The name “Slower Medicine” is meant to remind you of the Slow Food movement — the idea that good things often take time to do right. I believe that high-quality primary care is one of those things. Instead of rushing you through a stressful too-short visit where you barely even have time to convey your concerns – let alone have them adequately addressed in the context of your overall health – I offer visits that can be as long as you need. Half an hour? A full hour? Two hours? Can do.  (For point of reference, most of my visits run about 90 minutes in length.)

What “Slower Medicine” is not meant to describe is the speed of service. In most cases you can reach me (personally) by picking up the telephone; even if I can’t answer right away, I’ll generally get back to you soon. Emails work great too (and are definitely preferred if you can wait a few minutes for an answer). I also try to keep my schedule open enough to be able to offer same-day or next-day appointments for urgent situations. Since I know visits often go long, I generally don’t schedule appointments back-to-back. The result is that waiting is something you won’t do very much of — whether you’re at home, at work, or in my office.

To better illustrate what I do here at Slower Medicine, PLLC, the following is an overview of the DPC model of care vs. conventional US medical care.

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