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​Welcome to Slower Medicine! I’m Dr. Ken Stone and I help my patients address chronic health issues and turn their lives around. I offer primary care for adults with an emphasis on improving health span and slowing the processes of human aging.

As the name suggests, Slower Medicine isn’t rushed.  Visits are longer here — typically 90-120 minutes. You’ll have time to fully express your concerns. I’ll have time to do a thoughtful evaluation, identify problems, and provide answers to your questions. Together we can collaborate and put together a tailored treatment plan that makes sense for you.

Although I’m an internist, my practice style is functional and holistic. I make use of what conventional medicine has to offer, but I’m also knowledgeable about supplements and those oh-so-important lifestyle factors. If you prefer to limit your use of prescription drugs we can often find other alternatives for you.

My areas of special interest include life extension, nutrition, metabolism, cardiovascular health, stress/anxiety/insomnia, chronic fatigue, thyroid problems, weight management, and diabetes. Rather than just deal with individual problems as they surface (“Whack-a-Mole Medicine”), I work to understand root causes of chronic illness and help my patients see the big pictures that can help them improve their overall health.

One final thing: Like all Direct Primary Care practices, Slower Medicine was designed to be affordable without insurance. About half of my patients have health insurance (which I don’t accept) but they still find that the benefits and conveniences I offer make me worth keeping as their doctor.

*** SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT – 3/30/2024 *** – Slower Medicine is going virtual! While I look forward to continuing to serve patients here in North Carolina for many years to come, my family plans to relocate to the Toronto area sometime this summer. Some aspects of my practice will necessarily change, but I am in the process of working out an arrangement that will allow my patients to be seen by other physicians in the Durham area when the need arises. Most of my patients already appreciate how much of their care I am able to deliver via the convenience of telephone, email, and Zoom; that won’t change in the least. More details will be provided as plans mature.

Questions? Call 984-999-1010 or send email to info@slowermedicine.com.

Slower Medicine
6 Consultant Place #100B
Durham, NC 27707

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