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Notice! Due to overwhelming demand, as of 12/04/2018 I am temporarily closing my practice to new patients (not counting those whom I have already scheduled). If you wish you may send me a message asking to be wait-listed and I will contact you when I am again ready to schedule new patients. (I apologize for the inconvenience.)

If you are looking for a Direct Primary Care doctor but functional medicine is not an important consideration for you, please be aware that Dr. Matthew Hong will be opening up his new Family Medicine practice (DocMattDirect) alongside mine and accepting new patients in the next couple of weeks. You may also want to check out my friend and fellow DPC practitioner, Dr. Tammi Waters, owner of Olical Health over in Apex. 


Welcome to Slower Medicine. ​I’m Dr. Ken Stone, a board-certified internist, and I specialize in primary care for adults. As the name suggests, Slower Medicine isn’t rushed. Office visits here are typically 90 minutes long. I do it this way to give us both plenty of time — you’ll have time to explain your concerns, I’ll have time to ask questions and do an exam, and we’ll both have time to discuss what might be going on with you (and why) and then construct an individualized plan of care that’s right for you.

Although I am an internist, my practice style is functional and holistic. This means that while I may make use of what conventional medicine has to offer, I don’t just settle for treating individual symptoms as they appear. I look beneath surface problems for underlying patterns and explanations that tie things together.

I have particular interests and expertise in longevity, nutrition, preventive medicine, cardiovascular medicine, chronic disease, stress/anxiety/insomnia, chronic fatigue, thyroid problems, adrenal problems, and diabetes. I’m also pretty knowledgeable about supplements, so while there are some excellent “tried and true” conventional medicines in my toolkit, I can often suggest alternative approaches to people who prefer to limit their use of prescription drugs.

One final thing: Slower Medicine is a Direct Primary Care practice, meaning it was designed to be affordable without insurance. Primary care doesn’t need to be expensive – particularly once all the insurance company-related overhead is cut out. About half of my patients have health insurance but still find that the benefits and conveniences I offer make it well worth retaining me as their doctor.  (Having a high deductible health insurance plan makes this doubly true.)

Questions? Call 984-999-1010 or send email to info@slowermedicine.com.

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