Joining My Practice

Meet and greet visit – no charge

Finding the right chemistry can be important. Feel free to schedule a no-pressure “meet and greet” visit to come in to say “hello” so we can get to know each other a bit before you make any decisions. We can talk about what things are important to you in a medical practice and make sure it’s a good fit.

Pre-visit preparation

If you decide to join, I’ll ask you to fill out some paperwork (see the “Forms for new members” section below) and have any medical records sent in that you want me to review. Depending on the urgency of your situation, we might arrange to have a quick initial consultation or we might first want to get some lab testing done at a LabCorp Patient Service Center.

Initial consultation

Once your test results are back (most results are available within 1-2 days) we can have you come in for your initial visit. We’ll discuss your current problems and concerns, your medical history, your family history, your lab results, and your medications.  I may conduct a physical exam and possibly do an EKG (if appropriate).

By the end of that first visit, I’ll have a fairly complete picture of your health, your lifestyle, your long-term goals, your values, and your needs going forward. We can take immediate action for any problems that should be addressed quickly and then discuss the rest at a more leisurely pace. Having met you, I’ll be more comfortable helping you with your concerns any time you want to discuss something on the telephone or via email.

Forms for new members

* HIPAA Consent

* Detailed Medical History Questionnaire (Women)

* Detailed Medical History Questionnaire (Men)

* Medical Opt-Out Form (Medicare Enrollees ONLY)

* Medical Symptoms Questionnaire

* Medical Records Release Form

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