Patient Lounge

Patient lounge

I schedule generous amounts of time for my in-office patient visits, so I’m less likely to run late. Since it will be fairly unusual for you to need to wait very long to see me, I prefer to think of my “waiting room” as the customer lounge.

Beyond the comfortable chairs and recliner, the magazines, and the small library of interesting books you’ll find there, you’ll also find a water cooler, coffee, a variety of teas, and free WiFi.

The upshot? You can get some work done here if you need to. You can also do some in-depth medical research (particularly convenient if you want me to be close at hand to help answer any questions) as I offer in-office access to both UpToDate (a comprehensive online medical reference) and ConsumerLab (a reference/comparison of many nutritional supplements).

You’re welcome to spend time in the lounge both before and after visits, or just drop in on other days when I’m around. (But call first to make sure I’ll be here – sometimes I run errands or make house calls.)

Thank you for your upload