Online Patient Enrollment

Online Patient Enrollment

This online patient enrollment application is provided to me by Atlas, MD, my Electronic Medical Record company. The process of filling out all of the health-related information that they ask about is somewhat tedious, but it does not have to be completed in one sitting.

If you don’t have the relevant information handy, feel free to skip whatever sections you like-anything and everything that you get done before you see me is that much less data entry I will have to do, but if you wait until you have seen me then it will be too late for this application to help me. The only parts of this enrollment application that are absolutely needed to create your health record in my system are your name, contact information, and (towards the end of the form) your birthdate. The rest of the information is good and certainly useful, but it’s stuff that I can always add to your record later if you can’t do it now.

Finally, I realize that there are several important areas of your health that this online enrollment questionnaire does not cover; these areas can and should be addressed separately when you come in to see me.

Thank you — and welcome!

Ken Stone, MD